Are you concerned about who pays for this? 

Are you concerned about funds to repair existing city roads? 

There is an oft repeated misconception the permit funds paid by River Crossing Marketplace/COSTCO provide the opportunity to fix existing problems with the South Bonnyview Road and Rancho Road. Nothing is further from the truth. As detailed below, by far the major portion of these costs will not be paid by that project. 
So who does pay for it? If you live in Redding, you are paying your share of most of it, from 58% to 90% as shown in the table below. The counter argument is that the sales taxes will more than cover the cost. First, as noted above, the project pays much less than the costs of the roadway improvements. In addition, the existing Costco sales taxes are already being used by the City, so the sales taxes available would be the increases brought in by the larger site. And Costco pays no sales taxes; they collect them from us and forward them to the City.
The City intends to borrow the money for its share of the improvements, and then pay it back plus interest from future traffic impact fees including those collected from future projects in the City. It is also possible the City could use SB-1 funds which are our share of the State gasoline tax. Obviously, these funds are intended for the repair of existing streets and roads and solving current and future traffic problems. If this project is approved, streets in the remainder of the City will suffer.
In fairness it is noted that Rich Development, who in turn charges Costco for their share, only pays for that portion of the project impact based on traffic counts and projections done during the permitting process. It is fair that they should not have to solve the total traffic problem as it now exists and will grow as the City grows. However, this project will substantially divert money better spent elsewhere to keep our City streets and roads in better repair.
The current City of Redding Pavement Condition Report shows 44 percent of City streets are in poor or very poor condition. So, existing and future road and street repairs and improvements in the City will not have those funds available. A direct result of this project being approved, streets in the City will continue to deteriorate.
The often used argument is that Costco could move out of the City if this project is not approved. Considering the project needs water, sewer, convenient location, and police and fire protection, there are strong arguments for them to stay. And there are other alternatives discussed on this website.
A major factor regarding the approval of this project is the Mayor’s comment the City budget has major income shortages in coming years. Not mentioned is the City employee retirement system is the major cause of the deficits and the solution to this problem has yet to be resolved. Sacrificing good land planning to produce sales taxes or other taxes is not an acceptable answer.  
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