Do you use the Riverview golf and CC parking lot? 

 Or regularly drive Bechelli Lane

past that area? 

Riverview hosts numerous golf events and four Rotary Clubs meet there weekly.  It also is the location of many weddings, reunions, proms and other events. The parking lot has two entrances and 154 parking spaces. At most events the parking lot is filled and vehicles line each side of Bechelli Lane for at least two blocks.
As an example of post River Crossing Marketplace construction, three Rotary Clubs meet at Riverview Golf and CC at noon on various days of the week. This is also a busy time for Costco, the gas pumps and the other shops and fast food stores. Currently, there are occasions where 200 or more cars will empty the Riverview lot and street parking in 20 minutes or less. Most of these vehicles will move from the parking lot into the center lane of the 3 lane Bechelli Lane and wait to merge into the through northbound right lane. This necessitates waiting for a gap in both the south and then the north bound lanes.
In busy areas, gaps in lanes are made by traffic signals that space groups of vehicles. The closest traffic signals to the north of Riverview are at Hartnell Avenue, 1.3 miles from the parking lot. In this distance, at busy times the varying speeds of vehicle travel generally eliminate any gaps in the traffic. This is worsened by vehicles from all the side streets entering Bechelli Lane. Then, from the south the three River Crossing Marketplace driveways that enter Bechelli all permit unrestricted right turns. Because of these conditions, gaps in the traffic sufficient to accommodate the entering and exiting vehicles at Riverview will be very limited.
Even if the City does find the funds to construct the signal at Loma Vista Avenue and Bechelli Lane this situation is ripe to cause serious accidents. There is a reason Bechelli is named Lane. It is not a thoroughfare.

Bechelli Lane at Riverview Golf & CC

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