Sign The NO Costco On Bechelli Petition

The proposed River Crossing Marketplace (Costco) development is NOT the right fit in south Redding. The proposal calls for a 152,000 sf Costco, 20 percent larger than the existing store on Dana Drive, and an additional development of shops and restaurants amounting to 62,500 sf. That is a total of 222,500 sf. And it will also contain 30 gasoline fuel pumps, with an improved area for 40 vehicles waiting to get to a pump.
1.) This project, if approved, will have 9,100 trips per day, averaging over 900 trips per hour for a 10 hour day.  The peak traffic is much higher. This does not include the existing traffic the system is already carrying. There will be at least 15 trucks per day serving the project, 3 of them will be delivering gasoline. All vehicles entering the project will exit through a massive traffic circle on South Bonnyview Road, most of them by way of Bechelli Lane.
2.) The projected peak traffic through the two lane circle at Bonnyview and Bechelli in 2025 is 3,740 vehicles per hourwhich equals 1+ vehicles per second. This includes only 50 vehicles from a future WinRiver casino which appears to be very low.
3.) South Bonnyview must be protected from improper development to serve its vital need. It currently needs modernization. Its capacity and the access to I-5 and Airport Road need attention. Available traffic impact fees should be dedicated to these purposes rather than to accommodate a retail site with a major gas station obviously in the wrong location. The proposed traffic circle will forever lock South Bonnyview Road in its 2019 configuration.
4.) Costco has plenty of suitable, less impactful alternative locations in Redding to consider! We are encouraging both Costco and the City to work with the community to find an alternative location that works for everyone. 
5.) The Bonnyview Bechelli Coalition (BBC) is a volunteer group of homeowners, residents, company owners, landlords and businesses located in the directly affected neighborhood.Other BBC members also use South Bonnyview Road and Bechelli Lane frequently and necessarily, and are severely affected if the River Crossing Marketplace/COSTCO project is constructed at its proposed location. 
6.) This is not a NIMBY effort. This will affect not only the neighborhoods of River Bend and River Crest but also every commuter that travels Bonnyview and Bechelli roads, every trucker and first responder trying to cross the river or access the freeway and ultimately every shopper that goes to River Crossing Market Place.
Please sign our petition! To accomplish our mission, we urgently need those directly affected and all concerned citizens to join us in petitioning the Redding Planning Commission and the Redding City Council to not approve the development of the River Crossing Marketplace at the proposed location. Thank you for your support! 
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