Do you live near the proposed River Crossing Marketplace? 

If you bought or built in the area, up until now the City of Redding General Plan assured you the retail development on this site, would be a the size shown approximately as the red outline. Typically it would have about 80,000 sf to 100,000 sf of retail space, with the maximum size of any one buildinglimited to 75,000 sf.
The first line in the City’s Mission Statement is: Provide a high quality of life, remembering that families and neighborhoods are the centerpiece of our lives. . .
Now, if the River Crossing Marketplace (Costco) project is approved, there will be a 152,000 sf Costco, 20 percent larger than the existing store on Dana Drive, and an additional development of shops and restaurants amounting to 62,500 sf. That is a total of 222,500 sf. And it will also contain 30 gasoline fuel pumps, with an improved area for 40 vehicles waiting to get to a pump.
This project, if approved, will have 9100 trips per day, averaging over 900 trips per hour for a 10 hour day.  The peak traffic is much higher. This does not include the existing traffic the system is already carrying. There will be at least 15 trucks per day serving the project, 3 of them will be delivering gasoline. All vehicles entering the project will exit through the traffic circle, most of them by way of Bechelli Lane.
The project will have 4 driveways:  one smaller entrance on South Bonnyview Road, and three accessing Bechelli Lane on the west boundary of the project. The driveway on South Bonnyview Road will have no traffic light and will be right turn in and right turn out only.  Of the three driveways located on Bechelli, the one closest to Bonnyview will be both left and right turns, the center one is an upgrading of the existing Blue Shield office signals and will be full access, with left and right turns and a through lane, and the north driveway will not have a light but will be full access with right and left turns. Because it is probable that the Bechelli driveway nearest Bonnyview will be blocked by vehicles waiting for access south to Bonnyview, the Blue Shield signal will also allow u-turns, whereby vehicles leaving the project would turn right on Bechelli, proceed north to the Blue Shield intersection make a u-turn there and go south to Bonnyview.
Two lanes would be added to the north from the north project driveway, extending to Chinook Drive, which is the entrance to River Crest Subdivision. There are no other improvements planned for Bechelli Lane if this project is constructed, with the possible exception of traffic lights at Loma Vista if the City has the funds to construct the intersection. As you can tell, this is a complicated system. If allowed to proceed it will be a major degradation to the culture of the neighborhood as well as the entire City.
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