Do you use Loma Vista Drive? For school? For church? 

    Crossing from Churn Creek to Bechelli?        Do you live there? 

The intersection at Loma Vista Drive and Bechelli Lane is rated as F/F.  Ratings are listed from A to F.  F/F means both the morning and afternoon periods are exceptionally bad. And this is before River Crossing Marketplace/Costco may be approved.

Loma Vista Drive between Bechelli Lane and Churn Creek Road

Currently, there is a traffic signal at its east end. If the Rich Development/Costco project is approved the Specific Plan provides there will be a traffic signalized intersection constructed at Bechelli/Loma Vista. But it also stipulates the developer will pay 10 percent and the City 90 percent. Unfortunately, the City has not made a commitment to do so until the City Council has authorized it. As continually reported by the media and recently restated by the new Mayor, the City has financial problems. So there is no guarantee a traffic light will be installed at this intersection.
To alleviate the traffic impact on Loma Vista, the project Specific Plan also says the travel there will be “calmed” by narrowing the lanes, installing two raised pedestrian crossings, think big speed bumps, and providing some turnouts. In other words, make the traffic conditions worse so many vehicles now using Loma Vista will try other routes.
Interestingly, the EIR states that if the Costco project is approved, in the future the Loma Vista-Bechelli intersection should become a traffic circle. Considering the cost of acquiring and removing existing homes, and then constructing a traffic circle on an already congested area defies all understanding.
The current City of Redding General Plan does not permit a project the size of River Crossing Marketplace to be constructed at the proposed site. It makes much better sense for the present and future residents to leave the General Plan as it is thereby limiting the maximum size building to 75,000 square feet rather than the 152,000 square foot Costco, 30 gas pumps and an additional 62,500 square feet of shops and food stores.
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