An open letter to

Re:   The Relocation of your Costco Wholesale Store in Redding, CA
Dear Costco,
You created quite an upheaval in the retail sector here in the City of Redding when you opened your membership warehouse store in 1992. It was a shock, but we have adjusted to it and acknowledged you changed the way we purchase goods for the better. We grieved for our local stores, but then accepted that as akin to grieving for surreys and buggies when the internal combustion engine arrived.
So you have been integrated into our community and we welcome you as a family member.  But as a family member, we ask you not to create another upheaval – one it is doubtful that we can ever welcome – by moving your store to South Bonnyview Road and Bechelli lane. When we, the folks and businesses located there, invested our money and lives in the area we were promised by the Redding General Plan that the maximum sized shopping center building in our neighborhood, South Bonnyview at Bechelli, would be 75,000 square feet of floor space.
Your new warehouse will have 152,000 square feet, and the shops coming with you would add another 70,000 square feet. And hardest to accept of all, is there would be 30 gas filling stations.  Never did we expect that. And access will be terrible, with one small driveway from South Bonnyview, and three to and from Bechelli Lane, all traveling through a traffic circle.
Costco, our neighborhood will be a mess. Please don’t do this to our home.
There is another site you considered and where we understand all of the environmental work is done and the approvals granted. That would be far better for you and for us. And if that doesn’t work, please expand your existing store. There the City will close Old Alturas Road and you can then expand your store at least 15 percent, add gas pumps and substantial parking. It won’t be as large as you have planned, but it will work and continue to be very profitable. Every year we spend at least 250 million dollars at the existing store. And if given the chance we will continue to do so, and many of us will buy your gas.
You are by far the biggest business in Redding. You are the big guy, we are the little guys. You may sell a bit less, but we will be forever grateful.
So, we are asking you, be our good neighbor. Do what is good for our, and now your, home town.
Thanking you in advance, your friends,  
Concerned Residents of Redding
Bonnyview Bechelli Coalition | | Redding, California | All Rights Reserved (C)2019 
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