Do you drive South Bonnyview Road? Rancho Road? 

Estimates are South Bonnyview Road will be shut down or severely slowed for the 4 months it will take to construct the traffic circle and the other necessary construction to accommodate the River Crossing Marketplace/Costco development at South Bonnyview and Bechelli Lane.
It is 14 miles from Cypress Avenue Bridge in central Redding to Ox Yoke Road just north of the City of Anderson. In that distance South Bonnyview Road is the only roadway that crosses the river and runs all the way from Highway 273 to I-5 and then to Airport Road. South Bonneyview Road is the backbone of the central part of our City.
South Bonnyview Road is the most direct route for ambulances and fire trucks to reach much of our east-central city areas. In case of traffic blockages elsewhere, it is a vital alternative. During the Carr fire, it was loaded beyond its design peak but still served its primary purpose but with substantial delays.
An industry agreement with the City provides running their trucks across South Bonnyview Road to avoid Cypress Avenue and Highway 44. Industry emphatically states the traffic circle at Bechelli Lane will preclude their using South Bonnyview. Cypress and Highway 44 will have to be used for truck traffic.
The projected peak traffic through the two lane circle at Bonnyview and Bechelli in 2025 is 3740 vehicles per hour which equals 1+ vehicles per second. This includes only 50 vehicles from a future WinRiver casino which appears to be very low. There are four un-signalized pedestrian crossings at the circle, and to its east and less than a hundred feet from the circle exit there is an un-signalized left turn lane across east bound traffic into Hilton Garden lnn and Chevron station. In addition, as there are no east bound exit turns from the project back to I-5 all of that traffic must go through the traffic circle. The south end of Bechelli lane will be stressed by its current traffic plus that projected from the Costco project.
A significant amount of River Crossing Marketplace traffic will come by way of Airport Road and Victor Avenue and then by Rancho and Churn Creek Roads to South Bonnyview Road.  To accommodate it, there will also be a traffic circle built to the east at Rancho/Victor/Churn Creek Road intersection.  The River Crossing developer will pay for 31 percent and the City of Redding 69 percent, although a large portion of the circle will lay in the County.  
There are 10 companies moving large equipment on Hartmeyer Lane, the current sign says Commercial Way, directly adjacent to Churn Creek Road that move trucks and large equipment including caterpillars and scrapers into west bound traffic on South Bonneyview. In 2008 the City labeled this intersection Level F, the worst. Ten years later it has gotten even worse. This intersection is mainly in the County and there are no current plans to improve it. Unless improved, this condition of the intersection alone should be enough to preclude the location of River Crossing Marketplace at Bechelli Lane.
South Bonnyview must be protected from improper development to serve its vital need. It currently needs modernization. Its capacity and the access to I-5 and Airport Road need attention. Available traffic impact fees should be dedicated to these purposes rather than to accommodate a retail site with a major gas station obviously in the wrong location. The proposed traffic circle will forever lock South Bonnyview Road in its 2019 configuration.
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